Monday, August 26, 2013


Years ago I bought some totally boring microsuede pillows at Target on Black Friday. They were square and solid and boring, but fancy pillows are so dang expensive and our funds were tight. I think I paid $5-$7 per pillow, which still isn't super cheap considering they were so boring and blah. But there they sat on my couch for years until I just couldn't take it anymore! Those blank faces staring at me day after day! It was maddening I tell you! Maddening!
Well this weekend I got Pinteressed (Pinterest possessed) and decided to dust off the old sewing machine and try a SUPER EASY pillow cover tutorial I found at Teal & Lime. Time is a rare commodity in a house with a preschooler, so the ease of this project warmed my heart. 
My first attempt at pillow making 9 years ago went something like this.

Pretty sad.
However that was in the days before Pinterest, plus I'm totally older and wiser and have gotten over my sunflower phase. So my latest attempt turned out like this! I've graduated to way cuter flowers. 

It was incredibly easy and mega cheap free since I already had the fabric on hand!
First measure across the top of your pillow to find the dimensions. Mine were 17"x17".

I typically would go with an 18" measurement to allow for a half in seam on each side, but I wanted the covers to fit snugly since the pillows were a little flat from years of wear. So I stuck with the 17" measurements.

Next measure your fabric. One side will be exactly the measurement of your current pillow. So my short side was 17". Your long side will be twice the length of the side plus 6" for the overlapping part.

Short side = 17"
Long side = 17" x 2 = 34" + 6" = 40" total

Next fold down a half inch seam on the short sides and iron it down. I used to skip the ironing bit, but oh. my. GAWD. does it make a difference. Get out the dang iron and stop being so lazy. It takes two seconds and will save your life. Don't be a hero and try to sew this seam without it.

Now run a quick seam down your ironed hems in two shakes of a lambs tail.

Bring your fabric back to the mat and it's origami time LEVEL 1. Turn the fabric with the pretty side up and fold one side in about a third of the way. Then fold the other side in so that you make a 17" x 17" square. So you now have the pretty sides facing each other and it looks like an inside out pillowcase.

Now get your iron back out and press your square. DO IT. You are spending 15 minutes on this pillow, don't just leave a rumpled heap on your couch after all this work.

Pin your open edges and take 'er back to the sewing machine. 
Run a stitch up those open sides and stand back. It's about to get amazing up in here.

Turn that sucker inside out and make sure you take your digits and poke out those corners into beautiful little points. I want 80s Madonna boobs, not 2013 Madonna boobs.

Now stuff your pillow inside the case and smooth it all out. Mine fit snugly, so I make sure to get all the corners filled with pillow and smooth out the overlap.

Voila! Your non-surgical pillow facelift is complete! Now put the iron away before someone gets hurt. 

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