Monday, August 26, 2013


Poor Sunshine. While most kids are accustomed to fresh squeezed orange juice and omelet stations every morning, her sorry mom just offers cereal or fruit and scrambled eggs. I wish Morton's was taking breakfast reservations, but until they do she'll just have to deal with my sorry excuse for la petit dejeuner.
Still I felt slightly ambitious this morning, and I'd just downloaded a free Kindle book called
Sunshine is a nut for French toast, but I always manage to have three soggy pieces and a pile of charred remains. I never have mastered the art of temperature control, and the griddle is so cumbersome (a.k.a. I can't throw the whole bit in the dishwasher).
I still cook dairy free since Sweet Pea is still having trouble with cow boob juice, so I tweaked one of the mug french toast recipes and came up with a hit!
small pat of Earth Balance butter
2 slices of bread cubed
one egg beaten
1/2 cup almond milk
hefty dash of cinnamon
less hefty dash of nutmeg
spoonful of brown sugar or agave (can honestly be omitted, but Sunshine has a sweet tooth)
little splash of vanilla extract
splishy drop of almond extract

Coat the inside of your mug with the butter then add the cubes of bread. Don't totally pack them down, but get them all in. You want to leave space for the magic egg goo to get through.

In a separate bowl beat the rest of your ingredients until it forms a delish brownish golden goop. Slowly pour your goop over your bread, and pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Depending on how squishy or dry you like your toast it could take less or more time. It should fluff up nicely.

I added raisins to mine and topped it with maple syrup. Sunshine opted for chocolate syrup and agave, and since she was being super helpful and sweet this morning I said what the heck. Why not?

It ain't gourmet, but it put a smile on my girl's face, and I could throw the entire prep station right in the dishwasher. #breakfastwin

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