Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today's tantrum was brought to you by the letter C as in Clothing.
You know how angry you get when someone buys you a present? Well lately Sunshine's biggest beef has been with my mother-in-law who insists on showering her with gifts. The problem? The gifts are sometimes...brace yourself...articles of clothing. 

In preschool world there is apparently nothing as offensive as disguising body coverings as presents. If it ain't a toy, it ain't a gift. 
It's gotten so bad that I have to prepare Sunshine anytime anyone gets her anything.  If so much as a sock is in the bag the whole thing might as well go straight in the garbage. 
We've tried to talk about being thankful that someone thought of us and that we don't want to hurt feelings. Homeless children were mentioned to which she replied earnestly, "maybe we can give them my clothes and go get me a toy on the way home for being thoughtful." 
I've been so frustrated because I pride myself on generosity and gratitude. Those are attributes I want so desperately to implore to my offspring. But so help me God if the girl gets a t-shirt instead of a Polly Pocket heads are going to roll. 
I have talked and pleaded and reasoned until I'm blue in the face, but getting this child to understand gratitude is like teaching a goldfish to whistle. 
Then my Nana reminded me of a certain little spoiled first-born granddaughter who had her very own gift drawer at her grandmothers house. The moment I walked through the door of my Nana's house I made a bee line for that bedroom with MY gift drawer. And each time as she slowly opened it and said "Crissy I have something for you!" I would cautiously step back in disgust, and in my most indignant voice ask "Ugh is it a dress?!"
Sunshine might not understand the value of a free fabulous wardrobe, but she comes by it honestly. 

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