Sunday, July 6, 2014


Sunshine is all about surprises lately. My mom always did super fun spontaneous stuff with us and I totally delight in it as well. 
So tonight I overheard Sunshine plotting with Sweet Pea tonight to plan a surprise wedding for me and The Hubs. Precious.
I sneak around the corner and ask her what's up. 

"Oh nothing! Just planning a wedding for...Daddy!"

Oh really? For Daddy huh?

"Yeah he met a nice girl down the block. And he's going to marry her. Sorry but he's marrying someone else."

Oh. Bummer. Uhm what's her name?

"Oh umm her name is Fleaona. It's hard to pronounce so I'm just going to call her Mom."

Ouch. Soooo I guess I'm not going to be your mom anymore?

Then she gets a little sad. "Well no but I will really miss you. Fleaona is nice but yeah I will miss you."

Yeah well she sounds trashy. So what am I supposed to do with my life?

"You can marry somebody or not marry somebody. You can just craft or something. Maybe you could just be my grandma." 

And that's how my surprise vow renewal turned me into a divorced crafty grandmother ladies and gentlemen. 

True story. 

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