Monday, July 14, 2014


Oh the feels! My child. Flesh of my flesh. She came to me today and asked me to help her write a story.

I'd gone to Target and picked by far the best thing they've ever carried in their dollar section: a pack of blank books. It's just a writer's dream. Yes I could staple my own pieces of printer paper together, but it's not the same. These pages were specifically born to be books! And now my dear Sunshine wanted to fill the pages with her own ideas. *bliss*

She sat down and got to work on some illustrations. Apparently there is a pressing need for a book about My Little Ponies, and she was just the girl to fill that void. She crafted some seriously impressive ponies while her sister stood next to her and softly sang songs about her butt. Optimum creative conditions here.

After a quick lunch break she was ready to get to writing. I started to try and hand write the story, but she's just too fast for me. I grabbed my laptop instead and this is word for word what she came up with:

The Mongoose Scares the Spirits
By Sunshine

Once upon a time in a deep scary castle there was three spirits and three of their pets. A mongoose, a dog and a monkey. They all lived in a spooky castle together. Then one thing changed. They all wanted to make their owner scared. Then Blythe came in with the Biscuit twins, and the Biscuit twins are mean, but then she became friends with them. They changed because Blythe helped them.

They saw the spooky castle and started to run away, but the Biscuit twins realized this was their old house when they were babies. They never knew what it looked like, but it looked awful. So they moved. They became friends with Clyde, and then Clyde said okay let’s be friends. They started to have a sleepover. Then they liked the sleepover and decided to go to Clyde’s house for a sleepover.
The End.
It may not be J.K. Rowling, but it was original and off the cuff. I have to at least give her props for that.

I'm the mega nerd that wrote a children's book for my kids starring them as the main characters. And recently I used them as a test audience for a book I wrote for my future surrogate baby.

My little Sunshine is so bright, so I know that she's going to do great things. I'm dying for her to follow her passion for science and math because those are the areas I really feel I am lacking. I want her so badly to follow in her daddy's footsteps and become a great scientist or an engineer.

But I can't say I didn't love it when she looked up at me in the middle of working on her book and said, "Mommy I want to be a writer just like you."

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