Friday, August 8, 2014


Sunshine: I'm in love with Cole. I'm going to marry him. But today I asked kaylen if he picks up all his toys and takes care of them and doesn't rip them. And he said yes. So I'm in love with Kaylen too! Ugghhh it's so hard to decide who to marry. 
Me: yeah it's tough. Get your education and worry about your Ph.D. Not your Mrs. 

Sweet Pea: I'm a dog but I'm Ariel. Look at my big tail! I poop out of it. But I like my big poop tail. 

Sunshine: mommy how much is 5 cents?
Me: well a nickel is 5 cents
Sunshine: a nipple??! Who gets paid in nipples!? Nipples! Nipples! 5 cents a nipple!
Me: ...well actually...ok nevermind

Me: omigosh did you fart!?
Hubs: bwahahaaaaa
Me: dude no. That's sick!! Staaaahhhppppppp 
Sunshine: (from the backseat) I like the smell! I like farts...
Hubs: high five! That's my girl! 
Me: pull over. I'm out

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