Sunday, August 31, 2014


Welp I did it. I made it out of the building before I started bawling like an idiot. At first my husband was startled. 

"What are you doing?" He asked half laughing. 

"She's gone!" I wailed. My baby was gone. Kindergarten had her now. 

I was always the mom who figured I'd be dancing down the halls when my kid went to kinder. All that freedom. I could just taste it. 

But the grass was not greener on the other side of the playground. 

The day I once thought would be filled with peace and Starbucks was in fact filled with deafening silence and a k-cup. 

I'd intended to run home, grab the library books and pick up a decadent cup of coffee with Sweet Pea before hitting the town. Instead I cried so long in my driveway letting Sweet Pea drown out my wails with a Strawberry Shortcake DVD that my car battery died. 

I trudged unwillingly into my empty house. 

The first hour was bad. It didn't feel right to be in the playroom with Sweet Pea. We were missing our director. I didn't know what to play or do without The Boss dictating my every move. 

But Sweet Pea did. She toddled over to the little piano and began to pick out a tune. She belted out Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday like it was her job. I never noticed what a good singing voice she has. 

The day got better when my good pal brought me lunch. Her youngest started kinder, so chocolate martinis seemed appropriate. We wallowed in Godiva and misery, soaking our sorrows up with greasy chicken quesadillas. 

Just one more hour and she'd be home. 

Sweet Pea was so talkative. I never knew she had such a funny sense of humor. For a 2-year-old this kid has jokes. I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship I've never had the chance at. 

I wonder if Sunshine liked her lunch. 

The day was a blur. It flew by and crept slowly all at the same time. It's like when you get bad news or a relative dies. You just survive hour by hour. 

I waited anxiously in the hall watching each class march past. Kids eagerly greeted parents and I could actually hear each mother sigh relief once she caught sight of her young. Back from the jungle. 

Then I spotted my girl. Line leader thankyouverymuch. Marching like a good duckling right behind her teacher. 

She spotted me. I waved and grinned like a fool. Her teacher gave her the signal. She bounded toward me arms wide, smile beaming!!!....

Right into her sister's embrace. They hugged silently for at least 3 minutes before I, the woman who gave her life, even got a hello. 

But I did get my hello...and the tightest squeeze there ever was.

We survived our first day. And that is when I danced down the hall. 

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