Sunday, June 29, 2014


This morning my little Sunshine sat up in bed, rubbed her sleepy eyes and sighed. I know all this because it was my bed she snuggled into at 3 a.m. I asked why she came and got in Mommy's bed last night and she said because she had a dream and wanted to make sure Daddy was back.
"What was your dream about," I asked as she romped around with her sister on the bed. And this was her reply:

In my dream I dreamed there was snow in a grocery store. And angel stuff. I made snowballs and Mimi and PawPaw and you and my sister were there. And Daddy. And I got my ear in the mailbox (WTF?!) and I got snow in my ear (Yowza). But I was OK. My Daddy was somewhere else in the grocery store looking for cake (good man). And I drank Coke. It was at Sam's. (Of course it was)

As the day progressed I noticed that my little darling was being such an angel! Her behavior was so top notch I thought about filing a missing person's report. On our way home from her opthamologist appointment I was singing her praises for such stellar behavior, to which she replied "Well that's what happens when I drink Coke in the night."

Well if that's all it takes is imaginary soft drinks...I've been barking up the wrong tree all along.

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