Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hubs left town and a lot of things happened. I didn't do laundry four days in a row, we won't talk about the large chili tots, and I got possessed by the Pinterest Devil.
It all started when I bought Sunshine a new piggy bank that digitally displays your total savings. She was itching to lower that total, and I'd seen signs around the neighborhood for an estate sale just around the corner. I must have remembered my ambition potion that morning because I thought I would take the jogging stroller and go for a run to the sale.

Despite Sunshine's inspirational fashion choice, Sweet Pea's face pretty much sums up the trip. I quickly realized why I don't see many runners in our neighborhood. I braved a smooth incline with some breathlessness and pride, but as soon as I came upon what I can only describe as a 90 degree stairway to heaven, I turned my winded butt around and went to get the van.
We piled in and drove around the corner, and in my defense even the Mazda had some trouble with the hill. 

There's something about walking around a person's house and saying "ooh I'll take that" that is kind of dirty and wrong but soooo delicious. And Sunshine is no help with self control since she wanted everything she saw as well. For instance, I found my dream dining table and put in a bid on that sucker. But what really grabbed us was a box in the corner filled to the brim with random craft supplies.

Yes reader, I do have a giant walk in closet jammed with Rubbermaid bins full of craft supplies. But who on earth can pass up an entire gallon Ziploc of wine corks!? Who I ask you?
Not to mention I had something to prove since I was just did the walk of shame home from the unclimbable mountain. And that's when the holy Pinterest spirit engulfed me and $28 later I entered into a weekend of DIY bliss.
My findings:
6 brand new picture frames
1 Gallon of wine corks
1 Gallon of colored popsicle sticks
1 Bag wooden dowels
1 stack of multicolored scrapbook borders
4 Stackable shelf organizers

Sunny's loot:
1 Max Liquidator water blaster
1 beaded American flag necklace
1 purple floral hammer
1 brand new school grade recorder
1 planter box for her pizza garden sproutlets
1 bag of river rocks
1 bag of paint brushes

I'll put our projects in a separate posts, but suffice it to say my husband came home to a pile of dirty dishes and a wall full of art. Surprise honey! I'm Martha Frikkin Stewart...sorta. Like prison Martha... But less clean. 

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